Foodie Team

Our Team is comprised of passionate individuals who are flexible and easy going. Each person is an experienced and professional guide, proficient in English, and ready to show you the best of what Saigon has to offer. We hope that after our time together, we will be become your local friends in Vietnam. Our Foodie Team members will pick you up on their motorbikes and take you through the city in the evening, exploring delicious local cuisine and foodie gems.


Nice to meet you all, I’m Ai, an easy going person who enjoys laughing and talking a lot. As a Saigon lover, I’m willing to show you guys everything I know about this lovely city. Come on, let’s drive around and together, we will create memories.







Hi guys and gals, I’m Giang, aka “River” or Jane. I have worked for the Foodie Team since 2014 and I cannot deny that I have “fallen in love” with the job. I really love it because it has made several change in my life; I have met wonderful people and great friends who inspire me. Moreover, I’ve had chances to bring smiles to their faces and share my love of Saigon and Vietnam with new friends from all over the world which makes me really happy. Therefore, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my love and passion for the city with others.






Hello, I am Huyen and my nickname is “Wyn.” I am a recent college graduate with an English major. I love working as an interpreter and translator. During my third year in college, I joined the Foodie Team for Xin Chào Private Vietnam Tours. To me, Saigon is a very active city; you may never see it’s silence at all. It is always hustling and bustling, and that is why love this city so much. I have met so many foreign visitors who are so friendly, who have helped me to broaden my knowledge about cultures and places I have yet to visit. I am a wanderlust and for me, “to live means to travel.” I love the feeling of exploring a new place, trying new things and experiencing local life. Above all, I live a simple but meaningful life. “Cherish every single day you live because you only live one.”



Hey there, I am Kien – you can also call me Kent. I was born in Binh Phuoc, a northeastern province about 100 km from Saigon. Currently, I am completing my final year studying Foreign Language Faculty in Ton Duc Thang University, majoring in Mandarin Chinese. Before becoming a Foodie Tour Guide, I worked in coffee shops and bars in Bui Vien, the well-known backpacker district in Saigon, and also upscale foreign restaurants – all in an aim to improve my English speaking and communication skills. I started working as a Foodie Guide in 2014 with great enthusiasm and high spirits. Since being on this journey, I have made great relationships and expanded my knowledge by each story that we share with our new friends at night, driving around Saigon, enjoying every exciting moment together. These experiences make me feel like we are old friends. To all my new friends, I’m so lucky that I could accompany you in Saigon – hope to see you again in the near future.





Hi there, I’m Trinh, a Saigon lover. I have been working as a Foodie Guide since 2014 and really love the stories that my clients share with me. My motto is, “You travel behind my motorbike and I travel by your stories.” I am a food lover and I am very proud of our Vietnamese cuisine. As someone once said, “Vietnam is the kitchen of the world,” and my desire is to prove it for you. The only thing you need to do join me on my motorbike and experience it all; let me give you glimpse of how local people live, what people eat, and what people may think. We are not simply the drivers and you the customers – we are friends.





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