Applications for automobile rentals are a useful choice for individuals or families that want to travel without their own vehicle. Tourists who are keen to see Vietnam’s beauty will find this service to be absolutely essential. For their travel route, they will undoubtedly require a rental automobile. Let’s find out more about the top 7 car rental programs in Vietnam that offer travel services to foreign visitors!

1. Gobooyaa – A new generation car rental app with distinct features

Gobooyaa offers trustworthy, high-caliber automobile rental services, making sure to take consumers on unique and entertaining journeys. 

The following unique characteristics are exclusive to Gobooyaa:

  • Provide an endless array of options: Across more than 30 provinces, cities, and islands, there are more than 200 confirmed, reliable suppliers for different types of transport vehicles. Gobooyaa promises to offer quick car rental service anywhere, anytime.
  • Deliver individualized customer experiences: Follow your preferred route, and we’ll make it simpler and better for you to find out about local experiences. This is Gobooyaa’s catchphrase.
  • Clear and open payment procedures: A clear cancellation and exchange policy ensures that Gobooyaa will be paid after the vacation is over and you are satisfied.
  • Encourage clients to divulge their experiences: Your Gobooyaa reviews for the benefit of other travelers will be displayed publicly and undeleted.
Gobooyaa – A new generation car rental app with distinct features
Gobooyaa – Reputable and quality car rental service


MIOTO is a cutting-edge car rental program that facilitates speedy communication between renters and owners of vehicles. The program not only enables customers to receive comprehensive information about the make, model, and condition of the car, but also makes the process of renting a car very straightforward.

The MIOTO auto rental app has 6 distinguishing qualities.

  1. Rent a car at a fixed fee whenever you want, anyplace.
  2. Have complete knowledge about the rental car: Car type, model, current status, etc.
  3. A straightforward process for renting a car with identification (ID) cards, licenses, and passports (replaced by household registration/KT3)
  4. A large network of districts in Ho Chi Minh City is present in some provinces across the country, including Hanoi, Da Nang, Da Lat, Binh Duong, and Nha Trang.
  5. Rental automobiles are physically insured
  6. With a refund guarantee and 100% compensation if the car owner cancels the trip within 7 days of the trip, renting a car can be done with confidence.

Walk about the city, go on a quick getaway, or take a lengthy business trip? With Mioto, renting a car is simple and convenient, and you can do it whenever and wherever you want to go while having fun with family and friends.

3. Chungxe

    In Vietnam, Chungxe was a pioneer in creating an online rental and sharing marketplace for autonomous vehicles. This network connects individuals with idle automobiles and rental car companies with clients looking to rent self-driving cars and motorcycles via websites or mobile applications. Customers may then quickly browse, compare prices, rent automobiles, and pay in a quick and efficient manner.

    Additionally, Chungxe is well known for its advantages, which include: 

    • Prices are open to the public and 10% less expensive than other conventional booking methods.
    • The rental agreements include insurance for car rentals.
    • There are options for long-term car rentals lasting days or even months.
    • Simple renting procedure
    • 24-hour customer service.

    With the goal of providing a cutting-edge technological platform to hire and share cars swiftly, safely, and affordably, Chungxe was founded. The goal of Chungxe is to create a community where people rent and share cars in a respectful and responsible manner.

      4. Booking, a tiny Dutch firm that was founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, has developed into one of the top global providers of online travel services. The goal of the auto rental app is to make it simpler for everyone to travel. links millions of travelers with unforgettable experiences, a variety of transportation options, and fantastic places to stay, including houses, hotels, and more by investing in the technology that helps remove friction from travel. makes it possible for establishments all over the world to reach a worldwide audience and expand their companies as one of the biggest travel marketplaces for both well-known brands and small- and large-scale business owners.

      Booking’s headquarter in Amsterdam

      More than 28 million reported accommodation listings, including more than 6.6 million listings for homes, apartments, and other unique accommodations alone, are available on, which is accessible in 43 different languages. makes it simple to travel anywhere and offers round-the-clock customer service.

      5. Traveloka

      The most well-known airline booking app in Indonesia, Traveloka, was established in 2012 and took home the Top Brand Award 2016 in two categories: “Online Hotel Booking” and “Online Travel Agency.” This company has previously operated in numerous Southeast Asian nations, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Domestic travelers now have access to a cutting-edge technological platform to efficiently facilitate their journeys thanks to Traveloka Vietnam’s launch.


      Traveloka has over a decade of experience and has grown to become the most reputable travel platform in the area. The company’s commitment to illuminating happiness in everyone by finding travel experiences that best suit each individual’s preferences is reinforced by the new motto, “Live, be personal.” Other than this, Traveloka also have certain reasons why you should take this app as your choice:

      • Complete solution – assist you in finding affordable hotels and flights around Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
      • You will be charged the price you see!
      • It is simple to compare when there are no additional hidden fees!
      • Various alternatives for safe online transactions, include credit card to Internet Banking, bank transfers, and convenience shop payments. 0 transaction costs.
      • Every stage of the booking process can be assisted by the customer care team.

        6. DICAR

        DiCar is a multi-service platform for the Vietnamese automotive industry. Car purchasing and selling, giving reputed car care garage locations, providing a free car insurance premium calculator, self-driving car rentals, driver-driven car rentals for private or accompanied trips, and self-driving car rentals. with the goal of offering simplicity and ease to all consumers.



        The auto rental software DICAR is renowned for facilitating efficient and secure communication between customers looking to rent cars and suppliers. DICAR offers a variety of services, including car sales, driver hiring, garage searching, and rental car insurance, in contrast to other rental apps. This is seen to be a benefit of this app.

        If you want to choose this car rental app, you will have some certain benefits are as follows: 

        • Diverse car models for you to choose from 
        • Transparent rental price, clear details.

        7. TripX

        TripX links car owners and tenants based on the user’s location, making it possible for customers to hire a car quickly and affordably and for owners to make extra money by renting out their free vehicles.

        Here’s a benefit of Tripx rentals:

        • Hundreds thousands of automobiles: For your trip or wedding, you’ll be treated to countless car lines.
        • 30% less costly: Compared to standard car rentals, rents might be as much as 30% less.
        • Fast: One-touch car booking that is simple and quick.
        • Trust: Every car has authenticated data. Before making a rental decision, read reviews of the vehicle and its owner.

        Customers who can’t afford to buy automobiles are given the chance to use cars by TripX by bringing cars from people who have free cars to them. In order to swiftly purchase a new automobile and acquire more driving experiences throughout your life, using TripX to hire a car speeds up the depreciation of your current vehicle.

        Our comments on car rental applications are above. Every car-rental app has a different set of benefits. However, they all assist guests in finding the ideal car for autonomous journeys fast. It is hoped that this review will provide you with comprehensive information about the vehicle rental apps available in Vietnam and assist you in selecting the best one for your upcoming journey. Wish you have an interesting travel experience on all roads!