From no one to an excellent private tour guide in Viet Nam

Hello Friends, you can call me Thien ‘Sky’. I am a native living in Saigon. I love my city as I’m living here with my family: my parents, a lot of aunties and cousins and their kids.

How I became a professional tour guide

I started working with Xin Chao since 2017 and have a wonderful chance to work with my lovely team from South to North. Together, we try to deliver our best to make you feel like us, like a local for the time you are here, to make you feel like you’re visiting your second home, not a new country.

My team with some new friends from our trip to Phu Quy Island.
My team with some new friends from our trip to Phu Quy Island.

I was literally no one and I found Xin Chao by destiny. I saw a post from a sister I met from a guitar club recruiting for Foodie team. I never thought that I would become a professional tour guide, at that time all I wanted was to have an environment to practice my English, so I accepted. Then I was told to talk to Huyen (Wyn) – a wonderful girl who showed me the very first steps until now, my very first teacher. And I actually loved what I was doing in the Foodie tour, I found joy which I could never feel in all previous jobs. So I came back for the 2nd time, the 3rd time and so on.

After 2 years, I felt that this job suits me so well and I could do so much more so I contacted Mr Bao Loc, our leader, our big brother to ask for a chance where I can try something else, to be a professional tour guide. Then he showed me what he did and what I could do.

Foodie nights are just a night out with your new friends. We will try to deliver to you the experience about the crazy traffic (trust me it’s crazy haha), the scooters and local food, not that kind of experience you can get by looking at the traffic nor the food you can find easily. And that’s not even the highlight of the night, the idea is to have fun and relax, to forget all the stress and to make new lovely friends (like me). Below was one of my most memorable Foodie tour, and I still remember my jaw hurt after that tour cause of laughing too hard.

Day tours, on the other hand, are more about information, to you how my city, my country grow, how it works and why I am so proud of it. Below is a perfect example of a customized tour. One third of the destination was not in the original itinerary, but we want you to know that we love to hear from you, from what are interested in, what you expect and what you want to see, for nothing more than to prepare the best route for you, just you. And I just wish that I could add all the reviews my friends wrote for me, there are just so many special ones.

Now we want to find, inspire and help more Local Ambassadors

Now it’s my turn to help new members, to share with them what I saw, who I met, and to show them what they can do and to feel the joy that I love so much. I want them to have the chance that I had, to use English to express their love about the city, the country in the most genuine way.

And to meet new friends from overseas, or from the team. Like how I met my besties.

My Awesome Team