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Mr. Bao Loc
- Founder of Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours -

Our Story

I started off as a Local Ambassador in Saigon, where I was born and raised. And I established Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours there in 2008. I was fortunate to find my call – IKIGAI called in Japan – after I began assisting expats and veterans in my community with their problems and went on the charity trip with Heifer Organization.

We chose “Xin Chao” as the name of our company because it is a warm Vietnamese greeting that can be used by anyone, at any time. This common phrase means welcome, hello, and greetings! Pronounced like “sin chow,” one cannot say the greeting without a smile. Say it to people in Vietnam, and you will likely get a smile in return.

Ultimately, we hope that your experience with our company and team will garner smiles, great memories, and friendship. Our logo describes a Vietnamese family riding and friendly welcoming gesture that you always see on the roads of Vietnam traffic chaos. 

Logo of Xin Chao Tours

Who We Are

  • We are our country’s ambassadors.
  • We are a dedicated team.
  • We are professional and knowledgeable travel expert.


What We Do

  • We help locals become Locals Ambassadors.
  • We listen and exceed your expectations.
  • We offer private tours tailored to your interests, time and budget.


Our Services

Tam Tien's fish market near Hoian

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Hoian ancient town

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Phong Nha National Park

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