15 Reasons To Travel To Vietnam After COVID-19

After months of quarantine, are you tired of travelling from the bedroom to the living-room yet? Is the post-corona travel craving hitting you hard and you just want to get out there and start your journey ASAP?

However, Covid-19 is not a joke and you wonder if there is any safe place to travel at the moment? Coming to explore Vietnam with us to satisfy your travel cravings safely. Here are 15 convincing reasons why it is safe to travel to Vietnam now and how Vietnam would satisfy your travel fantasy. 

1. Vietnam has great controlled over the epidemic because all Vietnamese takes the virus seriously

Many of you might know, in the Vietnamese culture, we love going to coffee shops and eating out. We also have big families and love family reunions. It always seems like a must for us to be socialized. However, during the quarantine, we strictly stayed inside. Then, many Vietnamese songs and dances became popular not only in Vietnam but also around the world reminding people to protect themselves, to wash their hands often and to stay home. Check it out in the below video and don’t forget to follow the correct steps to wash your hands.

Additionally, let the number tell you why it is safe for you to travel to Vietnam after Covid-19. Until today, we have no deaths, 222 patients have recovered out of 268 cases that have been infected (Source: Worldometers.info). The Vietnamese government & healthcare system have been doing it right to have this epidemic in control and soon to be eliminated.

2. The Vietnamese government and healthcare system are extremely experienced in dealing with pandemics such as Sars & Covid-19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 started, the Vietnamese Government and healthcare system have closely monitored the problem and have taken many proactive actions to prevent the spreading of the virus.

British couple recovered, returned to UK after treatment in Vietnam – Vnexpress.com

We are extremely experienced in dealing with such pandemics like SARS and COVID-19. We used to be the first country that successfully defeated the SARS outbreak. Our healthcare system with well-trained medical teams and epidemic prevention strategies are working very well. Especially during this outbreak, we have treated many foreigner patients successfully and our healthcare system once again has been proved very accomplished and effective.

3. If Vietnam has opened for travelling again, congratulations! You are now safe to travel.

Since we have many strict policies to protect tourists during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government will also make sure everything is safe before opening the border for any tourism activities.

The beer street Bui Vien strictly closed during the Covid-19

According to Reuters, the Vietnamese Government has received praises from WHO for our strong response to Covid-19 pandemics. Therefore, if you can fly and travel to Vietnam now, it should be perfectly safe to travel after Covid-19.

Source: Reuters.com

4. During the Covid-19, we practice the policy of “no one is left behind”, which means people are treated equally

Although the Vietnamese tourism sector is seriously impacted by the epidemic, we have received many warm responses, thank you notes and kind sharing from many tourists for our efforts to protect & support our tourists & expats. With the “no one is left behind” policy, the government and society want to make sure everybody is safe and being able to have enough food & drink while being quarantined.

And if you are curious about the life in the quarantine areas in Vietnam, you might want to see this sharing from a British citizen Mr. Gavin Wheeldon. Maybe we could not provide the best 5 stars staying, yet the whole country is trying hard to keep everyone safe.

Written: Insider story: Life inside a coronavirus quarantine facility of Vietnam

Also, many businessmen & donors have set up rice ATMs & given out free food for the people in need during this difficult time. Because once again, we do not leave anyone behind in this war against Covid-19.

Vietnam Rice ATM
Vietnam Rice ATM

Read more: ‘Rice ATMs’ provide free rice for people out of work in Vietnam due to the coronavirus crisis

5. Vietnamese are friendly and willing to help so you won’t feel lonely

Hands down, Vietnamese hospitality is one of the best experiences you have ever had while travelling. Have you ever gotten food offered for free? or even a bed to sleep at night for free? Many travelers have been talking about how Vietnamese people love to treat our guests with delicious food and make them feel like home because hospitality is our tradition for thousands of years. Especially, if you choose to travel with a local or to use customized tour services, or with the right personal local tour guide, the local experience will be heart-warming.

Vietnamese love gathering around dinner table
Vietnamese love gathering around dinner table

6. Multiple foreigner’s groups & traveler’s groups for you to get feedback on Vietnam’s safety

In recent years, many expats and travelers have chosen Vietnam to be their destination; therefore, many expats and traveler communities have been developed and you will never feel lonely in Vietnam.

Many Facebook groups can help you to get the most honest & legitimate reviews about the life and experiences in Vietnam as well as reviews about travelling around Vietnam as well. Furthermore, these communities are the perfect combination of expat/ foreign/ traveler members & helpful and friendly Vietnamese members who can help you answer many questions about your exotic trip to Vietnam.

You can find these groups easily on Facebook such as Hanoi Massive Community, Saigon Massive, Expats in Ho Chi Minh city…

7. Vietnamese government has always been maintaining a peaceful and friendly relationship with foreign countries.

“VIETNAM WAR” For many years, our tiny country is known for the huge war with many huge countries, we are proud yet we want to change that view of our International friends. We want you to know about us as a peaceful, beautiful and friendly country, a country full of love and interesting cultures & traditions.

 According to our government’s official statement on Vietnam’s foreign policy: “Vietnam is a friend and reliable partner of all countries in the international community, actively taking part in international and regional cooperation processes…”

The Vietnamese Government show supports to the Italian Government during Covid-19 pandemic
The Vietnamese Government show supports to the Italian Government during Covid-19 pandemic

Although our economy is not yet as strong and prosperous as other developed countries, we want to take part in helping the world by sending out thousands of medical masks to the US and EU.

Read more: Vietnam Donates 550,000 Masks to EU Countries in Coronavirus Fight

8. We are in the top 6th of the safest countries to travel solo & top 20 safest countries during this covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, we believe that your post-corona travel cravings will be satisfied with a trip to our country Vietnam. When the Covid-19 pandemic is controlled, obviously Vietnam will also be a safe destination to visit that you should consider because even during the pandemic, many foreigners had chosen to stay in Vietnam.

Furthermore, according to the webpage Travel + Leisure, Vietnam ranks the 6th place out of 10 best destinations for solo travelers. After this pandemic, many people have realized the true value of life and have promised to fulfill their wish list. Having an intimate, exciting yet a very safe trip to one of the most exotic countries in Southeast Asia by yourself or with your loved ones, wasn’t it the dream you have put on a waiting list for so long?

9. Many travel promotions will be issued after the pandemic. Safe destination for both your health and your wallet.

Since the tourism sector was seriously impacted by Covid-19, the government will definitely prioritize and support the industry and also many businesses will give out many promotions and combos to encourage tourists. All of the hotels, motels, homestays and restaurants will try their best to once again refresh their business & push sale after the pandemic. Travel ASAP to get the best out of this opportunity, won’t you?

Get the best experience at the best price
Get the best experience at the best price

10. Construction works for tourism services pending by Covid-19 will be completed and ready for launching soon

Many tourism businesses have used this time of quarantine to upgrade and remodel their facilities. That is why you should travel and enjoy all the newest rooms, buildings and services. Nothing can be better than post-pandemic travel with all brand new 5 star-places and experiences, right?

11. Not too many tourists after Covid-19, you will receive extra of customer service

Another factor for you to choose to travel here after Covid-19 is that you will have the extra care from customer service, extra personal experience at all of the travel destinations & sceneries. The reason is that other people might be busy continuing to work to cover the lost from Covid-19. Yet, if you always have a budget that is settled for travelling, here is your chance to make your trip more personal and make your experience more perfect. Due to the low rate of visitors post pandemics, surely you will get the best customer service from any places & services.

12. Satisfying your post-corona travel cravings and getting more appreciations for all the exotic travel destinations in Vietnam

“You don’t appreciate things until they are gone.” This saying has become so true and realistic after this pandemic. After weeks & months got locked inside, don’t you have much more appreciation for those times you can travel and go places?

Mua Cave, Ninh Binh
Mua Cave, Ninh Binh

Therefore, traveling after a pandemic can grant you more than just a vacation. For once you can feel more alive than ever. You will be thankful that the pandemic is over and you can deeply appreciate little things in your trip. An exotic destination in a culturally rich country like Vietnam is never a bad idea. Let’s bring your own feelings and travel cravings to experience a local trip in Vietnam to get emotionally recovered from such a strange period of the whole world.

13. Are you benefit from the generous visa exemption of Vietnam? Check it out!

One of the reasons for the tourism industry to grow fast in recent years is the open visa policy. The Vietnamese Government has been handing out visa exemptions in a total of 24 countries with little requirements. Although the visa exemptions are for a certain period, it’s still a huge plus for you to choose Vietnam for a hassle-free paperwork while travelling.

As updated on March 11st, 2020 the list of 24 countries are getting Vietnamese visa exemption are: Chile, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Myanmar, Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

*Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese Government has suspended entry of all foreigners since March 22nd, 2020. Please double check the information above and get more details with the official authorities in your current country before departure. Recently, Vietnam has record of no new cases; therefore, the Government gradually ease Covid-19 control measures to recover the economy. Let’s hope we can soon take our passport and go travelling very soon!

14. Developed tourism industry with many good and professional tour operators, independent tours and especially customized tours services.

Enough said with the pandemic, we have to get to some other facts on why a trip to Vietnam is safe and worthy. Recent years, the Vietnam tourism sector has been developing and being prioritized and supported by the government. Vietnam also ranked no.7th among the world’s 10 fastest-growing tourist destinations.

Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours

With the developed tourism industry, Vietnam gradually becomes a favorite vacation destination to many international friends. We have developed many professional and trustworthy tour and hospitality services. The customized and private tour sector has grown fast, bringing more valued experiences and excellent trips to many independent travelers.

15. “After every storm, we will get to see the beautiful rainbows”, after months of quarantined, comes the best season for travelling in Vietnam

The peak season for tourism in Vietnam starts from December to the end of March. However, little did you know that one of the most beautiful seasons is actually coming sooner around the beginning of September. This is the best season for travelling to the beautiful mountainous areas of Vietnam to see the golden terrace fields. Also, the most romantic season in the capital city Hanoi with the little wind, little cold and lots of love.

Golden Mu Cang Chai
Golden Mu Cang Chai

Hey, let’s wake up before September ends and join us to the most exciting trip and fulfill your travel cravings!

Mua Cave, Ninh Binh

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