Hoa, that’s my name in Vietnamese or Andy in English. I’m a local from Saigon, who’s said tourism was a second choice and would have never thought it would become what i’m doing at the moment. This content will show you how i grow with Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours from the past few years til now.

How i became a professional tour guide

In 2017, I was a 3rd year university student, when i have already started to work for many travel agency as a foodie tour guide on scooter. It wasn’t that enjoyable to me until i hooked up with Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours from my friend’s post on Facebook. 

I had my very first food tour as a trainee with Wyn. It’s such a different working experience compares to the other agency, you always have a chance to have a direct interaction with your tourist. I’ve learnt a lot from the ladies, which means i got trained right on the field. 

Days later, i got called for the 1st tour with them as a driver and there was Loc – our founder on that trip, I didn’t know he was the founder until the very last minutes, he came to me and gave compliments to my performance. I realized this is not only a job to make money, it’s also a chance for students to improve their English skills, make friends and have cultural exchange with tourists 

Andy’s very first tour with Yan’s family.

It’s such a motivation for me and that time and I decided to be more cooperative with this team as a Local Ambassador. After months working with this team, i got many things include my very first review on TripAdvisors and found we’re more bonded as family. 

“Joy – Growth – Sharing” is what we use to navigate all the members, it’s became our “Xin Chao’s culture” for years. Thanks to that i always have chances to grow more and more. 

Back to the 2018, I told Loc that i want to become a tour guide and got trained for few days which was very useful. From my very first tour in Saigon with the tourists, I’ve found how interested they were and how valuable my local information was. Our clients were very enjoyable with what we delivered on tour, cause we made them feel like a local.

Being a Xin Chao’s tour guide is very different from an ordinary tour guide, you need to understand our culture to get your own style. As I mentioned “Joy – Growth – Sharing”, that’s what i’ve been following til now and plus you have to have passion for what you’re doing. 

After so many tours and interacted with so many tourists, i have finally had a chance to host my VERY FIRST long trip for 10 days. That’s in 2019, Adam and Elaine were my tourists. It’s a remarkable moment for my own, not only because i had chance to do more travel, meet more peoples but also upgraded myself to a Professional Tour guide. In Xin Chao, i am the very first member who had completed the process we made in order to “grow” a normal local to a Professional tour guide.

Thanks to Xin chao, which has helped to make Andy become Professional tour guide like now, a very good environment not only for who are passionate for tourism but also English, which is your tool to make money and share your local stories to foreign tourists..

For a better you – a better Vietnam

Vietnam is growing in tourism and English skill will be the basic requirement for employees. No matter where are you come from, neither a big city or a small village, you are always welcome to be a part of Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours. With our experience and passion in foreign language, tourism and with your passion, together we can help you grow from a local to a Professional tour guide.

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