“If you ask me what is Xin Chao for me? I would say that is my second home”

From a student who loses her direction to a person having desire of becoming tour guide

Back to 2017, I was a carefree student whose daily work is eating, sleeping, playing and studying just enough to pass the exam, everything slowly passed away; but it changed when I met an enthusiastic tour guide coming to my school in the Supporting Future Job event. Being impressed by his talk, I decided to learn about the job called: Tour guide. At first, it was just my curiosity of a brand new aspect that I have never paid attention to before; however, after being a free tour guide at Saigon Lovers, I decided that tour guide will be my future job.

Stumbling through many anxiety and job interview to becoming Sales of Xin Chao

“I will become the best tour guide”, that is the promise I made with myself when I first started this job. But the reality hit me in my face real hard. My father has asthma and so does my big brother; I, in the other hand, do not have it but being affected so my lungs are weak which cause tiredness and difficulty of talking in a long time. For that reason, I was not able to become a tour guide. Feeling depressed for half of a year and failed like 10 times of the interviews, I almost gave up in tourism. But I found another path to walk, being a sales tour through a post of Xin Chao on my friend’s facebook wall. I gave it a try and the interview with Hazel and Tiffany have been my best decision in my life so far.

Meeting new people, learning new things and challenging myself

In Oct 2019, entering Xin Chao, I was shocked at first. Everything seems a little bit rough and different from anywhere that I have worked before: the workplace is at the coffee shop, everybody has their own job, even my manager – Hazel, too busy to teach me anything so I had no idea what I have to do at first. That was not a good time at all, I felt bored, was scolded and want to give up. But gladly I didn’t and it is all thank to my first foodie tour with Xin Chao’s team.

Being a Sales, I must know about the product and also its spirit so my boss – Loc kindly arranged for me to follow a foodie tour which was absolutely stunning. I was amazed by the big laughs, the enthusiasm and friendliness of the tour guides and also by the kind-hearted customers so I decided to study, to learn about Xin Chao seriously.

Daisy's first foodie tour with Xin Chao (Nov 2019)
My first foodie tour with Xin Chao in Nov 2019

Time goes by, I have learnt many great things from people of Xin Chao’s team. My manager – Hazel taught me how to handle my emotions and be focus on my work. My boss – Loc showed me the right way to overcome my weakness: Look straight into it and solve it boldly. And Tiffany – our accountant taught me a lot of skills for accounting, analyzing and also many great great things. And my job is full of happiness everyday. I love helping our customers to customize their holidays which suit their interests and time. I really enjoy being helpful to our customers. It is really appreciated that I met and joined Xin Chao which makes me feel like I am at my second home.

Growing together

Loc – my boss said that if each of our team grows, Xin chao will grow and I believe it. Thanks to everybody at Xin Chao, I was able to grow up and do the things that I have never imagined doing before. And now it is my turn to help other people to develop.