I am Vy or you can call me Hazel. I was born and raised in Saigon so I am a 100% Saigonese. I love my city the most as it always fulfills my one and only hobby – eating. My city sometimes is very noisy and overloaded but I love it anyways.

Now, let’s go back to the story. I am currently working as a Customer Service and Operator at Xin Chao. With me, Xin Chao is like my small family that we go cat and dog together through my youth then it makes us get closer.

There were many things that I thought that I could not do until I met my foodie team in my second year of university. Our team led my Big Sis – Huyen (I Love yew, sista!!!!), she inspired us a lot with her perfect English, humor and support. After following for 1 tour (P1), I became a rider for first time (P2).

P1: First time ever  
P2: First tour

It was a fun experience as well as I realized that my English was sucked (even I was studying English major). I did not really stand out in the team so we broke up for about 6-month. It was so sad to know we were not as good as we thought. However, thanks to the broke up, I had motivation to improve my speaking skills in uni (I even received a certification for my result in that semester => PROUD!).

On May, 2017, I got a phone call from Sis Trinh (one of my best day in life) to ask me to join the tour with her that night, even I knew it was a last minute call but I felt so blessed for this second chance. After that, I got more calls from the team and met more amazing people: Joey, Tuyen, Sis Ai, Kevin, Andy, Sky, etc.

And by January, 2018, I joined the biggest foodie group and had my first ever reference on TripAdvisor.

On the fifth day of Lunar New Year, I became leader by a coincidence, this tour I showed my lovely Reed family my Saigon (I am still in contact with my dear – Savannah).

I began leading a small group then bigger and bigger; I did a good job ^.^ I met more and more foreign friends: some became friends for life, some became a part of my youth.

My beloved friends from NYC (Shout out to Flo and Chris)
M y beloved friends from NYC (Shout out to Flo and Chris)
Michael and Ashley too <3
Michael and Ashley too <3

From that, I met more newbie (training by me) from the foodie team: Kien, Minh. And on 9th January, 2019, I was a foodie manager of my neon pink group; how amazing I had been growing since 2016.

And I love showing the beauty of my country so I accepted Mr.Loc to become a local ambassador. I learned a lot from this stage, especially Vietnam’s History – one of my nightmares in high school. The first time on the tour was always frustrated, I was shaking in the car with the car sick. But it was all fined and I got over that fear.

The time I spent with Xin Chao was all quality and fun at the same time; therefore, I accepted to become a Sales Representative on February 2019. This stage was hard as I had to get along with the super new thing that I had not known before, but with the leading of Uyen – my cutie pie, Bro Loc and Sis Bich, I was over it. YAY!!!!

Xin Chao Team
Xin Chao Team

Now, I am in a new position with many more challenges ahead; but I believe that I will conquer it all with my team.

Thank Xin Chao for giving not just me but us many great experiences and chances to learn, to meet people, to speak out our opinions and to have a bonding relationship with you. I treasure it in my memories and deep down in my heart.