Vietnam is a nation full of fascinating cultures, gorgeous scenery, and a long history. Visitors from all over the world swarm to its coastline to discover the intriguing fusion of traditional and modern elements. However, Vietnam provides a wealth of unique experiences that can bring tourists a deeper understanding of its people and heritage—beyond the well-traveled tourist routes. For a genuinely unique experience, check out these best things to do in Vietnam.

Take a Traditional Junk Boat Cruise in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is well-known for its breathtaking emerald-green seas and karst limestone cliffs. The ideal way to see this UNESCO World Heritage site is to take a traditional wooden junk boat excursion. You can enjoy the gorgeous surroundings, discover secret caverns, and go swimming in the crystal-clear waters while you sail along the bay. To add even more value to the trip, several cruises include extras like cooking workshops, squid fishing, and kayaking.

Discover the Cu Chi Tunnels

Situated close to Ho Chi Minh City, the Cu Chi Tunnels provide an enlightening look into the turbulent past of Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong exploited this vast underground network of tunnels as a place to hide, live, and transport supplies. In addition to learning about the clever booby traps and hidden entrances, visitors can crawl through portions of the tunnels to obtain a greater understanding of the Vietnamese people’s inventiveness and resiliency during this turbulent time.

Experience a Traditional Water Puppet Show

Water puppetry is a rare kind of art that has its roots over a millennium ago in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. Puppetry artists operate wooden puppets that have been lacquered to withstand water by standing waist-deep in a pool of water concealed by a bamboo screen. Folklore, traditional music, and sceneries from rural life are frequently featured in the presentations. Indulging in Vietnamese culture and folklore with a water puppet show in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is a pleasant experience.

Explore Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park’s Hidden Beauty

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, tucked away in the Quang Binh Province, is a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors and the great outdoors. In addition to other amazing caverns like Phong Nha Cave and Paradise Cave, the park is home to Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world. In addition to boat excursions along the underground rivers, visitors can explore the caverns and hike through the verdant forest. In addition, the park provides chances for camping in the beautiful environment, zip-lining, and caving.

There are countless options for travel and adventure in Vietnam. The unforgettable experiences you’ll have in Vietnam, whether you’re sailing around Ha Long Bay, discovering historic tunnels, or getting fully immersed in the culture, are guaranteed to make an indelible mark on your heart and soul.