Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam is also referred to as Saigon. It is a busy city renowned for its colorful street culture, extensive history, and mouthwatering street cuisine. Traveling through the streets of Ho Chi Minh City is a unique experience, regardless of your level of experience. Let’s find out what you can explore on your Ho Chi Minh City tour

Wandering Along the Streets of the City

Walking slowly through the busy streets and alleys of the city is one of the greatest ways to get acquainted with it. There is always something interesting to see and do in the city, from the quieter residential regions of Districts to the bustling business and tourism district.

Sounds and Sights of Saigon

The sounds of motorcyclists speeding past, street sellers peddling their wares, and people going about their everyday business will greet you as you stroll through the streets. You will also come across an intriguing blend of architectural styles, ranging from opulent colonial-era structures to cutting-edge skyscrapers and classic Vietnamese dwellings.

Shopping at Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market, a thriving marketplace in the District that has been open since the 17th century, is one of the city’s must-see sights. Fresh fruit, mouthwatering street food, trinkets, and handicrafts are all available for purchase here. To obtain the best deals, make sure to bargain with the sellers. 

Enjoying the Street Cuisine

You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to try some of the well-known street cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City if you enjoy eating. There are countless alternatives to please your palate, ranging from aromatic bowls of pho to crunchy banh mi sandwiches and cool coconut water. To know you are in for a treat, simply find the stalls with the longest lineups.

Cultural and Historical Landmarks

Make sure to check out some of the iconic sites of the city, like the War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Reunification Palace, for a taste of its history and culture. From the origins of the city in the colonial era to its involvement in the Vietnam War, these locations provide an engrossing look into its past.

Undiscovered Treasures

Look for the many hidden treasures throughout the city as you explore, like the vibrant and energetic Flower Market, the calm Jade Emperor Pagoda, and the busy Binh Tay Market. Discover the city in a more genuine and off-the-beaten-path way with these lesser-known attractions.

Unwinding and Calming

Ultimately, a trip to Ho Chi Minh City wouldn’t be complete without some downtime for rest and relaxation. Visit one of the city’s many rooftop cafés or bars after a long day of sightseeing to sip on a cool beverage and take in the breathtaking skyline views.

All things considered, strolling about Ho Chi Minh City’s energetic streets is an adventure in and of itself, presenting a distinctive fusion of culture, history, and delectable cuisine. This vibrant and lively city has enough to offer everyone, whether you’re traveling alone or with friends and family.