We stay connected through our Values

The 6th Star

Besides excellent tour and professional service, we want to do something we don’t have to do for our customers. That must come from the real ambassador who wants to leave the friends with the desire of visiting us again, more than just knowledgeable and professional tour guide.

Every Day is a Good Day in Vietnam

We are proud to be local ambassadors. Every day we strive for something better, focus on local experiences and excellent customer service to bring out great memories to our customers. It is truly a good day for us to everyday while doing it.

Do The Right Thing

At Xin Chao, Every ambassador is empowered to be creative and teamwork to not only deliver wonderful tours to travelers, But we face to solve tough problems each other. We make sure our team feels appreciated and valued for choosing Integrity over fast, easy and fun.

Become Local Ambassadors

We are from the country that if our English skills are improved then we get more opportunities and better future. We believe Every locals has a great story to tell so our mission is helping these locals use English to spread their great stories and pride then becoming Local Ambassadors. Through this meaningful job, they grow better, we thrive better. Join Our Team and Let’s become Local Ambassadors !!!

Bao Loc – Founder

Xin Chao Private Vietnam Tours

Hello Friends, you can call me “Bao Loc”. I was born and raised in Saigon. It was my fortunate to find Xin Chao Tours as my passion and pride. 

I was just a local who has many good stories about Saigon then it was my luck to be able to show my American friends from the charity trip about places I love in Saigon. The doors more are opened to me after that. You can read more about my story here!!!

Today we are a team of local ambassadors with same purposes: to help as many travelers as possible have excellent private tours and explore great local experiences in Vietnam. And we strive to create a great culture of workplace: Growth – Joy and Giving. 

Every day we tell ourself we are not only proud to be Best Private Tour Guides, But consistently find, inspire and help more Locals become Local Ambassadors.

Watch an interview with Loc by a former client.