Things to know before travel

Best time to visit

Depending on where you are in the country, it can be sunny and hot or cool and wet. But fear not, for we got you covered. In general, the best time to visit Vietnam is from early February – the end of March.

Vietnamese people love kids

Vietnamese people lavish attention on children and welcome them everywhere, from hotels and restaurants to beaches and public spaces. Vietnam’s people are extremely welcoming and supportive of families with children. Their lives revolve around family bonds, and caring for children comes naturally to them. Vietnamese ladies are friendly and often go out of their way to assist families with children. Furthermore, most hotel and restaurant employees are female.

Some helpful tips for a perfect family vacation in Vietnam

Bring some snacks

Everyone loves snacks. Bring a variety of snacks, especially for the kids, and stock up on items such as granola bars, fruit or vegetables, or trail mix. Not only will this make all of your holiday moments more sweet and unforgettable, but it will also ensure that no one goes too long without eating anything healthy while out exploring.

Kid’s Vietnam packing list 

Hiking shoes

Comfy walking sandals

Quick-dry pants and shirts

Good quality leggings

Quick-dry underwear 

UV-blocking bathing suit

Kid’s UV Buff 

Zip-up, long-sleeve fleece

Wind-proof, water-proof jacket


Rehydration tablets (if you’re going to do a lot of walking in the heat).

What to do in Vietnam

If your kids love adventures: 

Boat riding through caves in Ninh Binh 

Aside from the breathtaking views of mountains, beaches, deltas, rice paddies, and river systems, Vietnam has a plethora of stunning natural caves to explore. Those caves have been formed over millions of years by the incredible works of water. The Vietnamese have an old proverb: “water flows to erose rocks,” which is entirely accurate in this case.

From the mountain’s exterior, there is nothing noteworthy to say but a black hole. Otherwise, you can glimpse an entire cosmos deep within. The erosion and consolidation processes result in breathtaking scenery with a variety of rock formations. It’s an excellent spot to let your children’s imaginations run wild. You should do it as well. Such an opportunity does not come along very frequently, and you should not pass it up when having a family vacation in Vietnam.

Boat riding through caves in Ninh Binh
Boat riding through caves in Ninh Binh

Basket boat riding

Have you ever heard of a basket boat? It’s a spherical bamboo-woven boat that resembles a huge basket. Locals in Vietnam use boats to move people, harvest fish, and transport products. This style of boat may be seen practically anywhere along the Vietnamese coastline. Also, this is a unique experience for everyone that is traveling to Vietnam and a must-not-miss activity your family should do for a perfect vacation.

Riding basket boats is a must-do when in Vietnam. Your family is going on a journey to see beautiful sights from a different perspective. While aboard the boat, you and your children can also practice your paddling abilities with the assistance of locals. Knowing how astute the locals are, it will be challenging. Locals will also demonstrate their fishing tactics for catching aquatic species.

Basket boat riding
Basket boat riding

Crawl through Cu Chi tunnels 

As someone who suffers from mild claustrophobia, I was uneasy about crawling through these wartime antiques. Nonetheless, learning about what these people went through during the war was an eye-opening experience. It put things into perspective and made the trips much more meaningful. Traveling is not just having but also a chance to education about history and culture. To kill two birds with one stone!

Memorable family photo on the M40 tank in Cu Chi
Memorable family photo on the M40 tank in Cu Chi

Biking in Mekong Delta 

Why not rent a bike instead of walking if you’re tired of walking? Exploring the town with children is a fantastic idea. In Vietnam, many houses offer this service. You will have many happy moments with your family for only a few dollars per hour.

For the best experience, cycle on the less congested street. Our recommendations are rural villages and off-the-beaten-path streets. You will never have to deal with traffic issues or crowds in those areas. It introduces you to a truly local world.

While riding, you can see people working in the garden or old men gathering to play chess. Let’s share this moment with your children and listen to what they have to say. Simple things can become so meaningful when done with your loved one(s), right?

Rent a bike and cycle around the street with kids
Rent a bike and cycle around the street with kids

If your kids love trying new things

Watching water puppet theaters

A traditional puppet show in Vietnam with children is unmissable. Locals have been practicing the craft for a thousand years, and it is a genuinely fun cultural event. We are confident that your children will enjoy the show. Even though the entire story is in Vietnamese, your family will be able to follow along thanks to the lively animation created by puppets. The majority of the stories revolve around fairies, dragons, and legendary warriors.

Vietnamese water puppets show attracts both kids and adults
Vietnamese water puppets show attracts both kids and adults

Learn how to make a conical hat

The conical hat (or Non la) is a cultural symbol of Vietnam, made of coconut or palm leaves. It is a traditional hat representing the elegance and tenderness of Vietnamese women when combined with traditional costumes like Ao ba ba or graceful silk “Ao Dai.” Conical hats are not only used against the sun and rain but are also a great souvenir from the Vietnamese people.

The conical hat is a symbolic part of Vietnamese culture.

>>> Read more: How to make a Vietnamese conical hat

Making lanterns in Hoi An

Hoi An lantern making was honored as a typical Vietnamese craft village out of a total of 9 traditional craft villages in the country awarded by the Vietnam Association of Craft Villages in 2011.

Hoi An lanterns are considered to have the values of shaping, aesthetics, and pure Vietnamese culture, including 9 designs round, octagonal, hexagonal, pumpkin, garlic, barrel-shaped, etc. papaya, and umbrella… There are also lotus-shaped lanterns, and dragon-shaped lanterns in all colors.

There are many kinds of lanterns in all colors.
There are many kinds of lanterns in all colors.

If your kids love the wildlife 

National parks

Visiting a national park is a wonderful experience.
Visiting a national park is a wonderful experience.

No trip to Vietnam is complete without a visit to a national park. Your kids will love to interact with animals out there. There’s something about being surrounded by greenery, watching birds and monkeys interact, and taking in the fresh air that makes the experience so magical. However, it can be difficult to choose which national park you should visit. Here are 7 lovely parks that deserve your time and attention!

  • Ba Be National Park
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
  • Cuc Phuong National Park
  • Bach Ma National Park
  • Cat Ba National Park
  • Cat Tien National Park
  • Pu Luong Nature Reserve
  • Zoo and Aquariums

If you’re traveling with your family to Vietnam, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about or seen zoos and aquariums at some point. While zoos in Vietnam aren’t usually as large as those in Europe or the United States — though many have interesting exhibits — they still have plenty to offer. We offer you the top zoos and aquariums you should pay a visit to once.

  • The Sea Shell and Vinpearl Safari in Vinpearl Phu Quoc
  • VinKE & Aquarium Times City
  • Dai Nam Zoo
  • Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden 
The Sea Shell - the largest, most technologically-advanced and highest-quality aquarium in the country
The Sea Shell – the largest, most technologically-advanced and highest-quality aquarium in the country

Can’t wait for the food

Join cooking class 

Want to have fun with your family? Join a cooking class in Vietnam and discover how delicious food can be prepared by an experienced chef. This is a perfect activity for the whole members to join on a family vacation. You will participate in a Vietnamese cooking class while wearing your chef’s hat. On a hands-on adventure that will put your cooking skills to the test, learn authentic dishes from local experts and chefs. Take memories with you so you can enjoy them forever!

Cooking is fun, right?
Cooking is fun, right?

Foodie tour

Would you like a local friend who is passionate about food and meeting new people, to show you the authentic side of Saigon? Do you want to see how, where and what locals eat? Then, we believe you will really enjoy our Foodie tour. Foodie tours are something that most tourists look forward to while they’re in Vietnam. There’s a lot to see, do and eat around the attractions of Ho Chi Minh City. Get up close and personal with Vietnamese cuisine, head out for a great local meal with your tour guide and ride motorbikes through the super small alleys of Saigon. These foodie tours will make your trip to Vietnam one that you’ll never forget.

Foodie tours are something that most tourists look forward to while they're in Vietnam
Foodie tours are something that most tourists look forward to while they’re in Vietnam

Time to relax

Chill on the beach

While there are many reasons to spend your vacation in a family resort or by a beach, one of the biggest ones has to be that you want to be with your loved ones. By spending your vacation with your family, you can enjoy some quality time together — even if it is not the most exciting fun family activity you can do while on holiday. Vietnam has a lot of resorts from land to island with everything you and your kids are looking for.

Also, taking a break after several activities helps recharge your energy but you can still cherish moments with your beloved one(s).

Taking a break from your itinerary is a good way to bond the family relationship.
Taking a break from your itinerary is a good way to bond the family relationship.

Shopping at a Floating Market in the Mekong Delta

If you are a parent, one of the best things about being a parent is spending time with your kids. But how about those days when you want to relax and go out shopping with them? No worries, there is a floating market just for you! 

Relax with your family by shopping at a floating market in Vietnam
Relax with your family by shopping at a floating market in Vietnam

Vietnam has a lot to offer families with children. From the majestic backdrop of the Mekong Delta to the shopping and dining in Ho Chi Minh City, a vacation in Vietnam offers plenty for visitors of all ages and interests. With so much to do and see, it can be tough picking which activities to tackle during your time here. But fear not, for this blog got you to cover all you need to know about planning a fantastic family vacation in Vietnam.

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