Hiep Phuoc Port

Knowing about historical war, learning about the sacrifice behind the current well-being, or just simply getting the best of Saigon’s uniqueness is all ready for you to hop on and enjoy within your day. From Hiep Phuoc port, we escort you through a private yet authentic journey of Vietnam’s south side, from the city to the hidden delta of all your choice.

Hiep Phuoc Port offers access to outstanding natural beauties and calm surroundings in addition to urban delights. Travel through the magnificent Mekong Delta, where lush green fields, flowing waterways, and quaint riverfront villages combine to create an exquisite environment. Cruise around the tranquil waterways, witness the native way of life and marvel at the colorful floating marketplaces. Experience the pristine beauty of this location and let nature’s serenity wash over you.